Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I thought that up-grading to a travel trailer would be pretty seamless, seeing that we already had outfitted the Pop-up and would just transfer all our camping gear over to the bigger rig.  What I didn't think about, is all the 'additional stuff' we'd need to get ourselves comfortably moved into our new space.
So, the following list(s) are by no means exhaustive - but they sure where exhausting!  And hopefully will be a point of reference for you if you make the move to the Darkside.  (P.S. - I'll probably add to this as time goes by, so check back occasionally!)

Stuff you already have, but  you're gonna need another set of if you still have your pop-up in the garage:
-Tongue Lock

Water/Sewer Equipment- we never used the water in the Pop-up, so a lot of this was new to us:
-Dedicated White Water (drinking water safe) Hose
-Water Filter (connects between city water and trailer)
-Water Pressure Regulator (connects between city water and filter)
-Brass "Y" Faucet connector (so you can have water white and an additional hose simultaneously)
-Water Hose Gaskets
-Heavy Duty Gloves
-Sewer Pipe/hose (ours came with one - but I've heard horror stories about pin-hole leaks)
-Clear Black Tank Elbow
-Sewer Pipe/hose Nozzle
-Sewer Pipe/hose Off the Ground Holder
-Back Flow Preventer Valve
-RV Safe Toilet Paper
-Rid X (or other enzyme - liquid is preferable)
-Did I mention Heavy Duty Gloves?

Kitchen/Bath Stuff - a good bit is personal preference here, but these were things I 'needed':
-Tiny Dish Rack (it's cheaper at Wally World than Camping World, FYI)
-Cutlery Caddy (the drawers in the RV are too small for an in-drawer one)
-Tiny Baking/Cookie Sheets (I have an oven! wee!)
-Tinny Cookie Spatula (The cookie sheets are small)
-Bathmat (now that we have a shower, we'll be using it!)
-Shower Water Shut-off Valve (helps to save on water usage - Goggle: "Navy Shower")
-Tiny Trash Cans
-Wall Clock (because now I have walls!!)

Misc Stuff - again, optional:
-WD40 (you'd be surprised how much a squeaky bathroom door can annoy you)
-Drill (if you don't want to hand-crack down the stabilizers)
-Walkie Talkies
-Spare Keys (one set to stay in the truck, one set that lives with my car keys)
-DVDs (now that we have a TV!) for those rainy days
-Bedding and Pillows (those will permenantly live in the camper)
-Hangers (Closets! I have closet space!)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"It's Nice Outside...."

Meet "Honey" - our new 2010 Spree LX, 28' Travel Trailer.  Teehee!

Clyde and Honey

Yep, we're very happy Glampers!

RDB and I picked up our new travel trailer Saturday and spent the day at Huntsville State Park.  I gotta tell ya (and I will, more blog post to come) there is a lot of stuff that comes along with a new camper!  And that's before we've cleared out the Pop-up.
Not much to report in this first trip - the weather cooperated, we had a wonderful full-hook-up spot (#4) and went out to eat.  What? I didn't have my cooking utensils!  I did, however, attempt chocolate chip cookies in my new OVEN.  Only took 3 tries to figure out how not to burn the bottom and still have them raw on top (tip: flip the cookies over half way thru the cooking time.  Another tip: get a small(er) spatula to match your super small cookie pan - or just eat smushed cookies - those were good, too)
So, how did we get to the point where I'm now burning baking cookies in an oven in a travel trailer at Huntsville SP? 
I blame the Internet.  Specifically, PPL.  It's our favorite place to browse and dream about that 'someday when' we'd get a new camper... go to the Darkside... get a pop-UP grade.... 
We were talking about it again a few weekends ago, and I jumped out to the site to see what was available.  As a consignment dealer, their inventory turns over often- and that's part of what makes it fun to head out there.  They also do an incredible job of being straightforward with the pricing, have great photos and floor plans online, and are extremely no-pressure when you come out on site.  And I mean, totally no pressure - you check in with Ms. Ann at the desk, let her know you're heading out to the lot - every camper is unlocked and free for the looking thru for as long as you like (they'll even take a ladder out for you to climb on the roof if you want - not that I'd now anything about that).  Come back in when you're ready to buy, and you get pared with a sales guy (Peter was great!) and he'll make the offer-counter-offer-offer-accepted with the owner for you, and that's it - I bought a camper!
Who knew 'someday when' would be so close?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long Time No Posts!

It's been a busy few months...

With work...

... travel ...

and more work!

But don't fret - I've got camping on the brain
and have a few trips already planned for the fall.

It just can't get here fast enough!!