Saturday, May 19, 2012

./` Over the River and Through the Woods ./`

OK, so not really Grandma's house ('cause, um, we have no kids yet) but it certainly felt like we were traveling out that far to get to M.o.M and Dad's property in East Texas this weekend.... I mean really, we missed the entrance gate to the property twice and Dad had to come escort us in on the tractor.

What? You thought I was joking?

It was a nice change from camping out in State Parks.  It was just RDB, Diesel, me and the 'Rents.  Dad has a travel trailer down there as a permentant home-away-from-home when he and M.o.M. (My Other Mother) go down to "The Country." 

"You see, the problem is..."
We weren't down there five minutes before Dad was 'fixing' stuff on our camper.  Since we got it, one of the back stabilizers has been half hanging off of it.  I figured it was a fix that ws going to require some welding (so RDB borrowed CJ's mini welder) but we just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Dad crawled right underneathe as we were setting up and said, "Hey, it's just out of it's track - got a hammer?"  One hammer and two screwdrivers later (my srewdriver wasn't 'big enough') he and RDB had it back on track.  Lesson: Don't put stuff off - sometimes it's easier than you think.

I think one of the greatest things about being on private property is that you can get a bit of firearms practice in without having to pay range fees and the like.  I had bought RDB a .12 gauge shotgun for Christmas and he hadn't had the chance to fire it yet (living in H-town kinda limits where you can go shoot an empty oil can or watermelon, ya know).  Dad loved being able to show off one of his newest aquisitions - a .22 rifle.  I took 2 shots off the shotgun before I called it quits on that one - it has some kick! The .22 was much more my style.

Not a happy camper - Diesel hid under the camper
during most of our range practice. 

RDB lines up a shot while Dad looks on.
We were taking aim at an old oil container.


We were only down for Saturday night - it's about a 4 hour drive to get there - but it was worth it for the calm and quiet.  The stars at night, they were big and bright! (*clap*clap*clap*clap* Deeep in the he-aart of Texas!) Really though, with no ambient light or other campers and their tacky-lights on, it was beautiful and dark.  I think both RDB and I were wishing it wasn't so far away, we'd head out there every other weekend if it were closer.

Early morning is my favorite time.  Diesel's too.
For more camping photos, go here.

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