Friday, June 8, 2012

Camp Cooking #1: Camp Apples

Cinnamon + Sugar + Apples =

Three ingredients that make a marvelous dessert when combined over a slow burning fire. I'd been dying to try this one the last few times we'd been camping, and finally got around to it on the trip out to the country. 

Start with the necessary ingredients and supplies:

  • Apples - one per person
  • Sugar - as much or little as you like - there's no measuring involved here
  • Cinnamon - about 1 spoonful or so per apple
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Apple Corer, a spoon, and grill tongs

Start out by washing and then coring your apples - but - don't core all the way through.
You want to leave the bottom inch intact to hold all the sugary-cinnamon goodness.

Next, dump a spoonful of sugar and another of cinnamon into the hole you've created.

Wrap the apple/cinnamon/sugar combo tightly with the aluminum foil
 - pull the four corners to the top and twist -
this way things won't leak out the sides, and it will be easier to open when it's done.

Place in hot coals (or a low-fire gas grill) for 45 minutes to an hour.  It's certianly not an exact science.  I found that I could do all the prep with dinner, then toss these on while we ate and the timing was perfect.

Pull them out of the fire/off the grill using TONGS - they will be HOT. 
Give them some time to cool and then unwrap.

Enjoy the sweet apple-sauce like deliciousness!