Friday, August 31, 2012

Park (P)review: Martin Dies, Jr. State Park - Jasper, TX

Park (P)review
We haven't camped here yet, but I've driven around and checked it out!

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

*WATCH OUT FOR THE STATE TROOPER! He likes to hid in the entrance of the park and catch people speeding by on 190.  You've been warned!
*Park is split into two sections, with Highway 190 between them - good sites in both areas.
*You'll find donation firewood stands through out the campground.  honor system here, of course.
*Electric and Water Sites: (South) Hen House Ridge Unit, 1-23 are almost all shaded, look out for #13, though - it was flooded when I cam through. Group sites at 9 & 10, 2 & 3, 34 & 35 and prime spots at 5, 6, and 33 (these all face the water to some effect). Sites 81 has an amazing view of the lake, but not a lot of shade. Site89 was amazing, with shade, lots of space, and a decent water view.
*Electric and Water Sites: (North) Walnut Ridge Unit, Group or single sites 107 and 108 are HUGE and well shaded, Group 119 & 120 face the water and 142 & 143 have nice shade. Single sites 118 faces the water, with shade, and 135 was fully shaded and across from the park host's spot.

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