Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

Have I mentioned lately that I love my life?  And I love going camping? And I love my RDB and Diesel - even when he's all slobbery? (Uh, Diesel that is!)  I guess I'm just all lovely-dovey since we celebrated Valentines this past week - one of my favorite holidays.  It's too bad it's become nearly as commercialized as Christmas.  I mean, really, you don't need chocolates and overpriced roses and cards to tell someone that you love them. 
Just take them camping.

RDB takes some awesome photos!

Love my Camper!

We left out early Friday afternoon and got up to Huntsville State Park before 6 - which was really nice, as the sun is setting a bit later (yeah Spring!) and we were able to have a few more choices on sites.  The Staff warned us that the site I picked was 'really steep' and it was a bit of a struggle to get the camper as level as possible, but oh my gosh, it was worth every bit of work - check out some of the view we had right on the water! 

"Heart" my Tacky Lights.
The weather started off a little cold - but quickly turned out really nice.  I really do enjoy camping in Texas - during these months at least.  It's just to hot to think about camping in a pop-up during the summer months.... which has us thinking about upgrading to a bigger rig in the (not to distant) future.  I know, I know, we just got this one - but going to the RV show two weekends ago didn't help!  We spent a good portion of the weekend tossing back and forth ideas and thoughts on how to make that work.  First things first, of course - we're gonna need a bigger truck!

We really enjoyed the trails that this park has to offer - several miles and different terrains - some that are hiker only, and equestrian only - and some that share the trail with bikes.  We spent a good portion of the morning out on a trail that lead right beside the edge of the lake - and Diesel was such a good little hiker! 
Prairie Branch Loop Trail

The hike back was on a portion of the trail that allowed bikes and hikers - and there was a youth group, all in professional looking bicyclist jerseys, that was using that portion of the trail.  They had adult sponsors at the merge points to warn hikers about the kids coming through - and then the bikers themselves would give a shout out warning: "Biker in back!" to warn you they were coming upon you. 
He so badly wanted to chase those kids!
 RDB and I decided the easiest way to deal with the bikers was to step off the trail, make Diesel sit, and let the riders go by.  Worked perfectly.  Several of the youth yelled back: "Nice dog!" "Beautiful dog!" "Good looking pup!"  One of them said as he went by: "He looks like he's wearing a hat?!"  Needless to say, the posts are still up, and with my crafty addiction to decorating them, we're still getting all kinds of weird comments.
My little Prisoner of Love.
I've been working on a few additional recipes for camping using a small crock pot. I'll probably document them our next trip out and share.  I'm really excited about the Overnight Oatmeal we've had twice now - it's way easy to prep for and super easy to clean on the last morning when you're breaking down camp.  I've got to give it to my RDB - he really does making camping a joy by doing some of the things I don't like to: like the dishes.  Even when it's cold and there are a ton of them to do, he does them without complaining.  I really understand what that old saying means: "Lovemaking starts with doing the dishes."  I sure do love you, RDB. I know that last paragraph was probably a little embarrassing, but I can't help it:
You are my favorite part of camping.
Would you look at that view! And the lake ain't bad, either.

We were in Site 157 at Huntsville State Park.  It's a hike to the nearest bathhouse (which are some of the nicest in the State Park system), but just 50 yards or so from the fishing pier. We saw a few late night fishermen with light-up bobbers, that was cool!  This park is just an hour or so north of Houston with no traffic, and that made it really ideal for this weekend.  We were able to enjoy a leisurely slow morning, then pack up and head home with enough day light left for some much-needed yard work.  I'd camp every weekend if I could - but the darn house needs tending to!  That being said - don't be surprised if I sneak another visit in to this park before the season's up!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - as RDB said it - "This is a wonderful life."

For more camping photos, go here.

(Oh, and P.S. - If you happen to cut your index finger on the semi-broken, kinda-rusty can opener trying to fix lunch, you're gonna be really glad you packed peroxide and superglue in the first aid kit.  Typing up this post today has been a labor of love, for sure!

Um, P.S.S. - yes, Mom, I've had a tetanus shot recently.) 

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