Sunday, May 5, 2013

Camp-o de Mayo

Kites, Kids, Critters in the Country, with Candy while Camping!  Happy Cinco De Mayo! (say that three times fast after a few margaritas!)  We were invited out to Two Tank Ranch in Huntsville this weekend - it's R(m)B's family property - with The 5J's.  Six adults, four kids and four dogs on 80 acres, with two pop-ups, a cabin, and a few ponds.  It was a lot of fun!

This was such a treat - to get to hang out at family property, where the dogs and kids could all run free, make as much noise as they want, and we could really spread out with out having to worry about interfering with someone else's camping experience (or check out by non on Sunday!).  Having the cabin was also awesome - as we didn't have to depend entirely on camp stoves and firewood - ok, propane - to do all the cooking. Aaaand, it gave us a retreat inside without bumping elbows. 

But the weather was so wonderful (a little chilly at night) but such a treat for the weekend days.
We flew kites...

 Did some fishing...

He might be old and deaf,
but he's sure not dumb!

Enjoyed a Pinanta Pinyatah Piñata ...


Took a Siesta.....

Did some exploring.... scared a few cows....

And all in all, we had the absolute best weekend.  It's always been fun camping with this crew, but this weekend by far, took the cake! We can't wait to come out to Two Tank Ranch again!!

The 5 J's

RDB & Me
For (just a few more) camping photos, go here.


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  1. Sweet. Love the photojournalism. Mom.