Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I thought that up-grading to a travel trailer would be pretty seamless, seeing that we already had outfitted the Pop-up and would just transfer all our camping gear over to the bigger rig.  What I didn't think about, is all the 'additional stuff' we'd need to get ourselves comfortably moved into our new space.
So, the following list(s) are by no means exhaustive - but they sure where exhausting!  And hopefully will be a point of reference for you if you make the move to the Darkside.  (P.S. - I'll probably add to this as time goes by, so check back occasionally!)

Stuff you already have, but  you're gonna need another set of if you still have your pop-up in the garage:
-Tongue Lock

Water/Sewer Equipment- we never used the water in the Pop-up, so a lot of this was new to us:
-Dedicated White Water (drinking water safe) Hose
-Water Filter (connects between city water and trailer)
-Water Pressure Regulator (connects between city water and filter)
-Brass "Y" Faucet connector (so you can have water white and an additional hose simultaneously)
-Water Hose Gaskets
-Heavy Duty Gloves
-Sewer Pipe/hose (ours came with one - but I've heard horror stories about pin-hole leaks)
-Clear Black Tank Elbow
-Sewer Pipe/hose Nozzle
-Sewer Pipe/hose Off the Ground Holder
-Back Flow Preventer Valve
-RV Safe Toilet Paper
-Rid X (or other enzyme - liquid is preferable)
-Did I mention Heavy Duty Gloves?

Kitchen/Bath Stuff - a good bit is personal preference here, but these were things I 'needed':
-Tiny Dish Rack (it's cheaper at Wally World than Camping World, FYI)
-Cutlery Caddy (the drawers in the RV are too small for an in-drawer one)
-Tiny Baking/Cookie Sheets (I have an oven! wee!)
-Tinny Cookie Spatula (The cookie sheets are small)
-Bathmat (now that we have a shower, we'll be using it!)
-Shower Water Shut-off Valve (helps to save on water usage - Goggle: "Navy Shower")
-Tiny Trash Cans
-Wall Clock (because now I have walls!!)

Misc Stuff - again, optional:
-WD40 (you'd be surprised how much a squeaky bathroom door can annoy you)
-Drill (if you don't want to hand-crack down the stabilizers)
-Walkie Talkies
-Spare Keys (one set to stay in the truck, one set that lives with my car keys)
-DVDs (now that we have a TV!) for those rainy days
-Bedding and Pillows (those will permenantly live in the camper)
-Hangers (Closets! I have closet space!)

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