Thursday, January 23, 2014

Texas State Parks - Piloting Site Specific Reservations

Looking forward to camping this upcoming weekend - but last-minute booking left us feeling like Mary and Joseph with no room in the inn (both Huntsville and Steven F Austin SP were booked full).

Thankfully, we have a huge State Parks system, and Lake Livingston has availability.

I noticed pretty quickly, though, the normal online booking for Lake Livingston has changed - TPWD is piloting a site-specific reservation system this year and Lake Livingston is the text subject:

"Lake Livingston State Park will be testing a site specific reservation system starting 1-13-2014. Upon implementation, visitors will be able reserve a limited number of specific sites ... prior to arrival in the Red Oak, Piney Shores, and Shelter camping areas. ...  Individuals will be able to reserve specific sites or groups of sites prior to arriving at the park. We hope this will enhance the experience for our customers. Check back soon to make a site specific reservation."  - TPWD

I called and spoke to the TPWD service center this morning - Livingston is the only park that's testing this (so far).  I couldn't help but just gush about how awesome I think it would be for *all* of the parks to do this! (and if you like it, want it, need it, you should call and tell them that, too - the more public comments they get, the more likely this will spread to other parks in the system.)

So, go make a reservation - a  SITE SPECIFIC reservation - and come camp with us! 

We'll be in Site #55.

Boy howdy, it was once heck of a trip - here's A Few Thousand Reasons Not To go.

UPDATE, January 30th:  Looks like I got the scoop on TPWD, as they just put out a press release on the website today. You can find it here.

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