Sunday, February 2, 2014

Going back for Seconds

Sometimes there's nothing better than getting home from a camping trip and taking a shower.  Long, hot, lots-of-elbow-room, not-in-the-drafty-campground-bathhouse shower.  So, after a long weekend at Brazos Bend I could smell the campfire smoke all over again when RDB and I got back to the house and got cleaned up.

We spent lots of time socializing this weekend.  It was the annual camp out for the camper's club that we've become a part of.  It was great to see old friends and make some new ones.  We're excited about all the camp outs that are scheduled for the remainder of the year and look forward to adding a few into our camping schedule.

I volunteered to administer the SETPUCC's website - in an attempt to make communication about camp outs and who's scouting a bit easier.  The group seemed happy to have some "young blood" willing to help lead it in a new direction.  RDB and I just love camping (and blogging) so much, it seemed a natural fit for us.

We got to camp Friday night - we really like that Brazos Bend is just an hour from the house - in fact, it was close enough that The 5 J's came over just to roast marshmallows and enjoy the campfire!  It was also the first time they got to see our new set-up with the travel trailer - crazy to have 4 adults all standing in the camper at the same time and having plenty of room for it (couldn't do that in the pop-up!!)  Also had plenty of room for CJ who happened to be grounded and had to sit inside and do homework while everyone else was outside.... glad that didn't keep the rest of the family from enjoying the campfire!

We had lots of visitors in the morning before the potluck - I can't help but love our new Vice Big Kahuna, JSP, who is kinda like the club's one-woman marketing team.  She brought several of the other club members by our site to introduce them to us.  We are certainly making some great new friends as a part of this group!  Even Diesel got to make friends with Comedy Central's dog: an Australian shepherd named Max.  The weather was really nice on Saturday, so we spent a bit of time walking around the park as well.

After the potluck, we jumped in the truck with M&D and rode over to their house.  Yes, house - they live only 4 miles from the park! It was really neat to met their animals, see all the gardening they've done, and we even came home with a giant bag of citrus fruits from trees in their back yard! D is actual our new Big Kahuna for the year - which I think is amazing, as both she and JSP really have a passion and love for camping.

Most of the evening was spent cracking jokes and sharing stories by the campfire (The Host tends an awesome fire, by the way.  That man has talent!).  M&D took a small group of us on an "owl prowl' in the dark.  Brazos Bend has a handicap trial (all concrete) which makes for a nice walk in the dark.  Well, nice except for Comedy Central, who was lagging behind the group, throwing sticks into the brush off the side of the trail to scare us.  Or, well, me.  We did see several alligators in the pond, but no owls, along our late-night walk.

We were at Brazos Bend State Park this weekend, site 224.  Nice, big and open, but a pain to back into.  JSP's family had a really great site right down the way (site #221).  We didn't go to the observatory this trip (it was cloudy) but they are currently fundraising to try and repair the 36" scope before the 25th anniversary of the installation in October.  I made a donation in honor of RDB for Valentines.  Ya know, because his love for me is out of this world! :-)

One last note, before I turn this off to watch the Big Game (Go Seahawks, ehn).: today is Diesel-Dog Doberman's 2nd birthday.  Sure do love our 'little' pup!

For a few more camping photos, go here.

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