Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Say it Ain't So!!

Here I was, about to type up a Park (P)review on Lake Texana State Park - the first one on the list for our fall camping season - and I find this:

Lake Texana State Park is closed, pending lease termination and park transfer to the Lavaca Navidad River Authority (LNRA). It is currently anticipated that the park will re-open on Labor Day Weekend (August 31, 2012) and will be operated by the LNRA. For more details, please contact LNRA at 361-782-5456.

Reading further into the news release, it appears that TPWD is letting go of the park due to funding shortfalls.  It just breaks my heart, as an avid camper, to see such an amazing resource, such a sweet little every-spot-on-the-water campground removed from our state parks system.

Here's to hoping we won't see many more of these notices in the future.

Support your Parks!! Go Camping!!

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