Sunday, July 8, 2012

Too hot to camp, but not to plan!

spNC and Diesel

WeatherBug has us in the low 90*s for the rest of the week - the rain that's been dripping off and on has given us at least a little break from the exhausting mid summer heat.  The 4th of July week was great - RDB's nephew spNC came into town and we went with The 5 J's to a firework's show - then up to Mom's for the rest of the weekend (with Diesel in tow, of course!). 

It's work-work-work this summer - I've got a drive out to San Antonio twice this week.  Not really looking forward to that, but so be it! Perhaps I'll stop in and 'preview' Palmetto State Park along the way.

Thinking through the fall, and dreaming about camping.  I'm working our weekends out around the Steelers football schedule which is requiring a bit of creativity when the games start either way early (noon) or mid day.  We'll be out the weekends of late games or weekday games.

Here's what I'm thinking:

We'll kick the camping season off with a trip to Lake Livingston State Park one weekend in September.  It's one that's about an hour and a half drive - not too far to get back in the swing of things.

Next up will be mid-October and a trip to Lake Texana State Park. I've driven through this one before - it'll be great for group camping and nearly every site has a lake view.

We'll travel out towards the Hill Country early November for McKinney Falls State Park. I'm really excited about this one - fall foliage and the waterfalls - should be amazing!

Daydreaming about camping!
Later part of November/first of December, we'll have to make a quick trip (3pm game on Sunday), so we'll hit one of the closer parks: Brazos Bend State Park. Lots and lots to do here, so I've heard. Might have to have the crew of families come with for this one!

So long as the world doesn't end on 12.21.12 and January rolls around like it does every year, I think we'll head back to Goose Island State Park - the site of our infamous Battle of San Mosquito in April.  I loved the tree cover and RDB wanted to camp on-beach, so we may try again. In the Winter. And the cold.  With lots of bug spray.

Lots of links in this post. Lots of possibilities and fun to be had.  But until then, I'm staying inside in the A/C!

UPDATED: Since learning that Lake Texana State Park is transfering gaurdianship away from the Texas State Parks system, and having become a member of the South East Texas Pop Up Campers Club, I've made a few switcheroos to the adgenda:

September's trip will be to Huntsville State Park, and October we'll join the camping club for the first time at Lake Livingston State Park.

Reservations are made!! Fun Fun!!

SECOND UPDATE:  We're heading to Cedar Hill State Park for Thanksgiving!! I'm so excited to be camping over a holiday weekend!!

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