Friday, November 30, 2012

Park (P)review: Lake Somerville State Park, Birch Creek Unit - Somerville, TX

Park (P)review
We haven't camped here yet, but I've driven around and checked it out!


*Lake Somerville is a 2 unit park - Nails Creek is south-western, Birch Creek is north-western.  The two parks are connected by 14 miles of equestrian and hiking trails.  It's about a 20-30 minute drive between them on back country roads.
*Lots of great shade in this park - I'm pretty sure you'd be hard pressed to find a site that wasn't covered.
*Saw deer (fawns, a doe, and a 2-point buck) in various parts of the park in the mid-afternoon.
*Water and Electric Sties:
     Old Hickory loop was closed for maintenance when I was there (Aug, '12)
     Group Trailer Area: round robin style camping area, not much shade, but good for a big traveling group - mostly pull thrus
     Post Oak: Sites 43, 44, and 45 are amazing! private, shaded, cover picnic tables and a great lake view Sites 57 and 58 are also nice
     Yaupon: Most of the sites in this location have covered picnic tables Site 4 - shaded, and lake view, Site 13, 14, 16 have amazing views (14 is very big and private), site 24 is secluded and nice but is next to a trail head. 29 & 30 would be an excellent group site with lots of room and the best lake views in the park

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  1. Birch Creek is one of my favorite parks. We have camped there numerous times with our pop-up. Check out the geocaches (, opencaching.US and and letterboxes ( and if you like scavenger hunts.