Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving (Part 2)

The week started off with a lot to be thankful for. We spent Thanksgiving day with Dad and then Friday with Mom.  Two full-blown, turkey and dressing, mashed potato and gravy, homemade bread and pumpkin pie days in a row? Oh, yeah - lots to be thankful for!

Even Diesel got to enjoy a good bit of it.  He travels so well, and that's something we are absolutely thankful for!  He's still trying to figure out how to jump down from his house (crate) on the bunkend in our camper, so that provides a great laugh every morning.  When the cold front came through Friday, we realized he needed a bit more warmth - so he got a new jacket and Reflectix put under his house to bounce back some of his warmth at night.  I swear, this pup really has no idea just how good he's got it!

We planned for a day at the campsite on Saturday, and I'm so glad that we did.  It was nice to have the morning and afternoon to ourselves.  It gave me the chance to work on a few more camping recipes (popcorn and potatoes - no, not together, ew!)  I'll post those up later.  Rich brought his LoneStar cast iron grill, so we had a personal-sized firepit right by our camper.  That was probably the only not-awesome thing about site #329 - the firepits were down the hill and not near your camping pad.
Yes, the grill is level.
I can't help but get a little mushy-gushy here for a few minutes when I think about what I'm thankful for this week.  I'm thankful for RDB.  For his love and support. For his kindness and generosity.  I'm thankful that he let's me keep him all to myself, and share him with my family, and that he shares his family with me.  I had no idea what I was missing until I met him. Until I was loved by him. He's the best part of my camping, well, him, and the steaks he grills out!

Mom came up Saturday evening and we grilled out some of those steaks I was just bragging about - and we enjoyed the campfire potato recipe I worked on.  Marshmallows, Starbucks salted-carmel-cocoa (Oh. Yeah.), and a beautiful sunset rounded out the rest of the trip. 
I feel like there was a few thousand other things I could post that I'm thankful for - including you, my readers. (Hiee!)  We get back from our camping trips and I can't help but wonder why so many people don't go out like we do.  The fresh air, the quiet surroundings, the delicious food, the great company.  So many things to be thankful for.

Until next time:

May the sun shine brightly on you
and it only rain during the week!
For more camping photos, go here.

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