Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Campaholic 12 Step Program

1. Admit that I am powerless over the lure of the camping.
2. Believe the smell of canvas can restore my sanity.
3. Make a decision to turn my life over to W.C. Coleman.
4. Take a searching and fearless inventory of all my camping gear.
5. Admit that everything from Tents to Class-A's are equal.
6. I'm entirely ready to sell 2 or 3 sleeping bags I rarely use anymore.
7. Humbly ask for assistance in finding new campgrounds.
8. Make a list of all the things I need to do at home and go camping anyway.
9. Make amends by leaving my campsite cleaner than when I found it.
10. Continue to accumulate cool new camping gear, just in case...
11. Seek to improve my fire starting techniques.
12. Pledge to carry this message to non-campers and practice these principles in all my affairs.

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