Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

You know Carmax's 5-Day Money Back Guarantee?  Well, they mean it.  No haggle, no hassle - you don't want the lemon - I mean SuperDuty - they sold you, they'll take it back, no questions asked.

Long story short - the gray F250 we bought had faulty trailer light wiring and though the techs in the service department at Carmax said they fixed it - they didn't.  Simply put: if the pigtail isn't showing any voltage on a voltmeter, then the lights on your trailer aren't going to work.  It's not the trailer, its the truck.  We even pulled our pop-up up to Carmax to show them it wasn't the trailer (hooked to a friend's truck with working trailer lights) and can I say, it's a bit of a spectacle pulling a camper trailer into a used car lot?  So, with the gray F250 spending more time in their shop than in our driveway during those first five days, we decided it wasn't supposed to be our truck.
Anywho, Rich had his eyes on a white F250 that was up at the Carmax in Dallas, so as luck would have it - I had a meeting in Dallas on a Friday, and Rich took the day off to go with me and visit Carmax to check out this other truck, and low-and-behold: it would put out.  Um, voltage that is. 

So, James and the Carmax in Houston transferred the white F250 down from Dallas for us (and waived the $150 transfer fee) and now, finally, we have a working truck. 

Now we just need to go camping!!

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