Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Moo!

No, I'm talking about the barnyard animal here.  I'm talking about one of my favorite online print shops:

I've used them before for personal and blog business cards and have been thoroughly impressed by their quality, speed to print, and price.  And, since I got an email from them yesterday, I'm even more excited:

I love emails like this!!

So, I went out to order new blog cards (I was running low anyway - RDB keeps asking me to hand them out!)  This time, instead of doing the regular full size card, I created one of their Moo Mini-cards.  It's half the size of a regular business card, but still packs a punch with the incredible graphics, or photos (you can upload your own) and crisp clean text on the other side.

I really enjoy that they give you the chance to download and print a PDF of your work so that you can see the actual size, clarity, and layout before you place your order.  I'm much more likely to catch spelling errors on paper than on the computer screen. (So, forgive me for the things I don't catch as I'm typing up a post!)

I really love this company's product.  My last set of cards were from their Green Premium Paper line - 100% recycled and recyclable, manufactured using wind power and free from harmful chemicals. I'm no tree-hugger, but it's one small thing I could do - and for the quality of the product, you'd have never known they were 'green.'

A few of my 'green' cards, and the box they came in.

I'm excited to get my set of Mini-cards in! At 100 mini cards for $19.99 (shipping included) that's a steal of a price!  So, Happy Birthday , Moo! and thanks!

(BTW - If you purchase something from the link above, I do get referral MOOlah of $7.50 - but you'll also get 10% of your purchase! And besides, even if I dont get anything, I'm bragging on a company who's product I absolutely love!)

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