Friday, September 14, 2012

Park (P)review: Bastrop State Park - Bastrop, TX

Park (P)review
We haven't camped here yet, but I've driven around and checked it out!


*I drove up to Batrop from Buescher along Park Rd 1C - a 10 mile windy, curvey, tree lined hilly back country drive.  The change was drastic from one park to the other.  Buescher was saved from much of last year's wild fires, but Bastrop suffered. Driving around, you can tell this was once a favorite hot-spot, just a short 30 minutes from Austin, and I hope at some point it will regain it's former glory.
*3/4ths of the campground was burned in the wildfires, but the Copperas Creek Area appears to have survived - and the pines here are georgous, lush, and tall!
*Water and Electric Sites: 7, 12, 52, and 53 have good afternoon shade and are semi-private
                                Group Sites: 52 &53, 65, 66, & 67, 55 & 56 (these looked the best!)
*Swimming pool on the camp ground, and a golf course, too!

We stayed here March '14: You've Got to go Thru Hail Before You Get to Haven

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