Friday, September 21, 2012

Park (P)review: McKinney Falls State Park - Austin, TX

Park (P)review
We haven't camped here yet, but I've driven around and checked it out!


*As you're checking in be sure to notice the 'shade covers' at Headquarters - they're solar panels!
*Didn't get a chance to see them - but this park has great hiking trails, and 2 waterfalls.
*Water and Electric Sites: Grapevine Loop - huge shade trees, big lots, any in here would be great
                                        Big Cedar Camping Area: 53 as a solo sight (but a hard turn to back in), For groups - 62 & 65 (back into each other) 78 &80 - lots of little trees in between, but probably the best group
                                        Big Oak Camping Area: 1, 13, 14 (BIG), 26 (big and lots of shade) For groups - 8 & 18 back into each other
*You'll notice curbed bike lanes all throughout the park roads - Austin is a very bike friendly city, and the park is no different

We stayed here in November '12: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

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  1. I'll 2nd this as a nice park. The wife and I have not camped here either but we did do the drive through to check things out.

    definitely perfect for Austin'ites who don't want to or can't travel to far.