Wednesday, February 11, 2015

*Tent on Wheels ON WATER* Fun Ashore, and Fun Aboard!

Lest you think you must go ashore to have all the fun, I'm here to show you otherwise!  There is so much to do when you're on a Carnival cruise ship - our photos only tell half the story!

You could get flushed down the big orange tube in WaterWorks:

You can donate your money play a few games in the casino:

Or perhaps play a more challenging game out on the veranda:

Or hang out in the room, relaxing:

You can go to the show, sit in the uppermost seats and hunt for your parents.  When your Sis thinks for sure she's found them ("I know my Mom.") and the guy with his arm around her removes his hat (and he's 100% BALD!), you can all gasp together: "That's not Dad!!"

You can check in with family and friends (wish you were here!) using the Fun Hubs around the ship:

And you can almost always, hang out in the Atrium, and dance the night away:

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