Thursday, February 12, 2015

*Tent on Wheels ON WATER* Hacienda Ochill

Welcome to the Hacienda Ochill.  A little Mexican ranch that will shade your brow, cool your thirst, and fill your belly!  This was the second stop on our excursion, after the Mayan ruins of Uxmal and I'm grateful it was included - as it gave us a nice restful place to grab a quick bite and enjoy a lush, shady place before heading back to the ship.

We settled in - our large group of 8 once again, needing 'special accommodations' - and immediately ordered a round of cervezas to go with the food that was included with our excursion.  As much as we were wary about eating food off the ship, this was actually very well prepared and tasted pretty good.  Not sure I would call it anything more than a light snack, but it was enough to tide us over till dinner back on board.

After our lunch, we all took off in different directions to explore and enjoy the lush surroundings.  Not too many stairs here, and lots of shades areas and water features.

40 years married and still acting like Newly Weds!

Located behind the sprawling verandah where we had lunch is a quiet little amphitheater.  Grass and stone risers led down to a stage underneath the roots of an amazingly old tree.

You would think this was the most amazing feature of the Hacienda Ochill, but there's something even more awe-inspiring hiding behind the pool and it's root-lined stage....

A cenote! With crystal clear waters and stalactites drooping down.  The excursion description mentioned that you could bring your swim suit and enjoy the small pool at the Hacienda, but it didn't mention anything about the beauty of the cenote that was hiding behind the amphitheater!

Two of my favorite things in one place: caves and water.  Oh, and more of my least favorite: stairs. ;-)

It wasn't long before we were being called back onto our bus, for a short 45 minute ride back to the Magic.  It had been yet another splendid day in paradise, with more adventures still to come!

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