Wednesday, February 11, 2015

*Tent on Wheels ON WATER* Spending the Day in Cozumel, Mexico

If you're someone who has had the thought: why would I just stay in port when the ship docks? Wouldn't that just be boring? I'm here to tell you: think again!  This photo is my favorite from the day  we spent 'on the ship' in Cozumel - it speaks to just how much fun staying in port was!

Sis, I think you took this one - thanks!

I was up before anyone else (again?!) and spent the morning watching the sunrise over the water.  It's one of those moments when you say "the pictures don't do it justice" and really mean it.  I watched as another cruise ship passed between us and the sun, on it's way to another port, another day of fun.

Cozumel was our no-excursions port, so once again, the morning started out on the verandah with room service coffee. This time, Sis joined us as well.... BNDN was sleeping in since we didn't have to get off the ship when we docked.

Cozumel was a surprisingly busy port.  Just sitting on our balconies, we had quiet a show of boats and dingies and catamarans scooting past, on their ways to various adventures.  It was nice to be in the shade of our ship and get to watch as people disembarked and took off for their excursions.

We were also docking in port with two other ships (three by the end of the day) but even with all the thousands of other passengers disembarking onto the coastline, we really didn't feel crowded or pressed.

Mom and Aunt J were first off the ship - they had sat in one of the Fun Ashore talks and had the heads-up on the other ships which would be joining us in port, so the recommendation was to get out early and get that shopping done! (We realized thru the remainder of the week, that these two sisters were definitely VIPs - Very Impulsive Impressive Shoppers!)

They were the first to discover that the Port of Cozumel had so much more to offer than just great shopping.  There were several places carved out amongst the shops to sit and relax and enjoy the flora and fauna of a foreign city.

BNDN and Sis were the next couple off the boat - as there were souvenirs to be had for the munchkins back home.  They also found neat places around the shopping areas to stop and take a few photos.  And of course, all that shopping will make you thirsty - they found a spot to get some authentic chips and salsa and  a GIANT pitcher of Kool-Aide. ;-)

What do you mean, that's not Kool-Aide? (The Munkins might be reading - of COURSE it's Kool-aide!)

Just like Mom and Aunt J, BNDN and Sis also found a shady spot to kick up their feet and enjoy the view.

Back on board the Magic, A&R were getting ready to make their way ashore.

It wasn't long after that, when RDB and I made our way down the pier and thru the crazy shops to place our feet firmly on the ground in Cozumel.

The Port of Cozumel isn't a sandy beach port, like some others in Mexico.  When you dock, and walk down the long pier, you'll be greeted at the shore with crystal clear waters and treacherously jagged rocks.

But don't let that keep you from spending the day in port.  Turn left when you exit the forced shopping area on the pier and walk a ways until you come to Pancho's Backyard.  There, you'll find a man-made 'beach'  to sink your toes into and some of the best Pina-coladas I've ever had. We loved the bed-like pagodas and the very laid back approach of the servers there.  Who says 10:30am is too early to drink - we're on vacation!  The entire atmosphere of the area begged for you to relax - from the waves crashing in, to the sun dappled thru the palm trees, all the way to the two amigos playing tunes on the xylophone.  It was perfect!

It didn't take long for the perfection we found to be discovered by the rest of our group.  A&R joined us first, and then BNRN and Sis.

I mean, how could you resist being hidden in a place like this:

And enjoying a view like that:

I feel pretty confident we could have spent the whole vacation nestled under those palm trees, walking thru the shopping areas, and truly enjoying our Mexican Fiesta.

Much like time, the ship waits for no man - so we were back on board in plenty of time to pull away from Cozumel and head to Progresso.  Call it a Caribbean traffic jam, if you will, but we had to wait for the Celebrity Equinox to throw off her bow lines before we could depart.  It's an awesome thing to watch these giant vessels maneuver so delicately around other ships as they sail out of port.

Watching her do a complete 180 just off the port was awe inspiring!

L-R: Carnival Magic, Ecstasy, Celebrity Equinox, and Aida Bella

After a long day of soaking up the sun, shopping, enjoying everything that Cozumel had to offer, you'd think we'd all just order room service and call it quits, right?  Nope, not this group!

See that big waterslide to the left in that last photo?  Next up, I'll tell you all about how Aunt J got flushed away back out at sea!!

Adios, Cozumel! Hasta La Vista!

Once again, THANKS! to all the readers who've "joined" us on this cruise review! If you want to start from the beginning, head on over to my first Tent-on-Wheels *ON WATER* post.

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